Resources for Multimedia Assignments

Center for Digital Storytelling

Provides resources and links to examples of programs in education, non-profits, the sciences, and other areas.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Focused on uses of digital stories in college teaching, this site provides guidelines for developing assignments, information on software, examples of student work, rubrics for evaluation, and other tools.

Educause Digital Storytelling Guide

Educause has pulled together a useful overview, including guidelines for creating assignments and many links to other online resources.

The Academic Commons

This online journal features reports on teaching strategies, both from faculty who are using specific approaches and from scholars examining how new media affects students’ learning.  Many of the articles focus on digital humanities, but the principles and approaches can be adapted to other fields.

Institute for Multimedia Literacy

Offers examples and reports on helping students develop multimedia literacy and use multimedia tools for course projects.

New Media for Science

This wiki offers examples and guidelines for digital assignments in college science courses.

Digital Storytelling Multimedia Archive

This site reports on a major research project analyzing how creating digital stories fosters and represents student learning.  It includes links to samples of student work, video interviews with students and faculty, and a rubric for assessing digital stories.

Digital Stories @ UMBC

Along with some material on how people are using digital storytelling assignments, this site has a number of examples of students’ work.


This site provides examples and comments on a number of tools for producing digital stories.

  1. […] Multi-media assignments are a very reachable goal for younger students now. I didn’t have to do my first power-point presentation until late into my high school career. Students today are so tech savvy that they would much more enjoy making a video or doing a presentation instead of writing an essay. If I could have made a short film for every book report instead of writing a 3-page report, my entertainment level and grades would have been so much higher throughout my schooling. There are also many websites out there that give not only great ideas for multi-media assignments, but are also very good for finding research. […]

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